Once while sharing my journey with some friends, I spontaneously blurted out “Earlier I aced the B-School, but now I’ve realized that I need to be a student at Be-School.”

Over many conversations with my friends in last 5 years, I see a very common pattern. We have aced strategic-thinking. We can whip up elegant, compelling power point presentations. We can whip up fancy financial models on spreadsheets. Sometimes without even touching the mouse, hammering shortcuts on the keyboard from the muscle memory.

Yet, our understanding about basics of life is quite underdeveloped. We have aced the B-School skills, but we hardly have any depth when it comes to Be-School. B-school education can bring us money, power, fame but it isn’t equipping us to learn the basic building blocks of life —

  • How to do meaningful work which also genuinely helps the society, instead of just pushing more consumption?

  • How to cultivate meaningful relationships at work, home and beyond?

  • How to not be caught in comparison, and be content, joyful, and grateful i.e. How to be truly alive?

Anyone who has found some measure of external success, knows that more of external success can *never* solve for these basic questions of life. It takes an inner shift in orientation and way of being.

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After completing MBA from one of India's premier b-schools, I started a career in investment banking. However, soon my search turned to simpler things -- like inner peace and love. And the search continues...